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Eat with care, live without.

I’m Olivia, an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP™)I work with women, ages 25-40, who struggle with PCOS, post-birth control syndrome and other hormone imbalances who want to optimize their fertility with diet and lifestyle. I have seen first hand the power of using functional medicine in overcoming fertility struggles to start and sustain a healthy family. Because nourishing tomorrow’s desires begins today. Are you ready for it?

It feels like all of the information I have been collecting and learning on my own is finally coming together! But, the experience is entirely different with Olivia’s guidance, knowledge and resources. Before I was stressed and overwhelmed. Now, establishing my unique fertility foundation is a pleasurable and educational experience! 

Marilyn S.

Seeing my results from the DUTCH hormone test was an absolute game changer. I have had blood hormone tests done from my doctor and everything “was within normal range,” but the DUTCH results showed I wasn’t detoxifying estrogen! With a few dietary changes my PMS symptoms are almost non-existent. It’s amazing where having the right information can get you.

Angela P.

I started working with Olivia after I went to my doctor and he said there was nothing that I could change in my diet to improve my future chances of getting pregnant. Olivia has helped me find foods to balance my hormones and heal my gut which is critical because my gut health now = my future babies’ gut health. I’m so grateful to start building that foundation now!

Courtney M.


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