Root Cause Quiz

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With Love - Olivia

Suboptimal Thyroid

I often feel sluggish, run down, and fatigued; even my limbs feel heavy sometimes
 I’ve gained weight in the past few months and can’t lose it even with diet and exercise
I'm feeling blue; struggling with depression; I've lost my sense of joy and pleasure
I often feel anxious or worried, and fear that something bad is going to happen, like I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop
My bowels are generally sluggish; I have a bowel movement less than once daily
I feel cold all of the time; I have to wear sweaters even when nobody else is
My skin is dry (or itchy or rough)
My hair or nails are dry, coarse, or brittle
I've been losing my hair; my hair is thinning
I've noticed that the outer thirds of my eyebrows are thin (or have virtually disappeared)
I crave sugar and carbohydrates
I have PMS, heavy periods, irregular periods, or I’ve skipped periods completely
I've had trouble getting pregnant (or have had a miscarriage in the past)
I tend to have a low body temperature or my oral BBT is usually under 97.4 
I have an autoimmune condition like celiac disease, Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, or psoriasis
I have been told my AMH is low or I have an AMH less than 1 
None of the above apply to me

Silent Gut Problems

Immediately after eating, I start sneezing or develop congestion
I have heartburn, GERD, acid reflux, indigestion or take medications or enzymes to help with digestion - especially after eating fatty foods
I crave bread or sugar or alcohol
I have chronic yeast infections and/or have had bacterial vaginosis
I've been told I have leaky gut, SIBO, or Candida
I have incomplete bowel movements, loose stools, or don’t have a bowel movement daily
I've taken antibiotics more than once in the past three years or frequently had antibiotics as a child, teen, or young adult
I have PCOS, endometriosis, or my partner has sperm abnormalities 
I take ibuprofen (or other NSAID drugs) or Tylenol weekly or more often
I feel "drunk," drugged, tired, or nauseated after eating
I get full very quickly when I eat; I can only eat a very small amount at a sitting
I have food sensitivities (like gluten, dairy, or any other foods)
I have seasonal allergies or food allergies, asthma, or eczema
I have Hashimoto's, Celiac, or Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, or another autoimmune disease
I was born via c-section and/or fed exclusively formula as a baby
None of the above apply to me

Adrenal Overload

I feel tired in the morning, even after a full night's sleep
I have no appetite for breakfast or can only eat a little bit in the morning
I need coffee to start my day; I sometimes need another cup in the afternoon
I crave sweets, coffee, chocolate, or salty/carby foods (especially in the afternoon) …sometimes I feel like I have no willpower around food
I often feel stressed or overwhelmed; I've been under stress for weeks (or months or years)
I have low (or no) sex-drive and/or vaginal dryness 
I have trouble eating 2000 calories per day or am pretty sure I don’t eat that much
I'm overweight, especially around my middle ("muffin top")
I have trouble gaining weight
My cycles are really irregular and/or my hormones are all over the place (e.g., luteal phase less than 12 days, less than 4 days of bleeding, spotting before my periods starts, painful or heavy periods)
I've had trouble getting pregnant in the past, or I've had a miscarriage
I have insomnia, have trouble falling asleep, wake up too soon after I go to sleep, or wake up at 3-4 o'clock in the morning
I often feel really exhausted; I might describe myself as "burned out" or "fried"
I don't have much tolerance for exercise; I get wiped out pretty quickly
I don’t focus intentionally on my breathing, I just know I am breathing
I've been told I have low blood pressure; sometimes I get dizzy, especially when standing up from a lying-down position
I seem to catch every virus/cold that is going around
My motivation and drive are really low
I often hit a wall in the afternoon and feel like I want to take a nap
None of the above apply to me

Fertility Hormones - Estrogen

(low E) I'm emotionally fragile and/or feel nostalgic about the past
(low E) my periods (when I bleed) are less than 3 days not including spotting
(low E) I heavily prioritize working out and eating "clean" or some version of what I believe is healthy for me
(low E) I have night sweats and/or hot flashes
(low E) I have dry or thinning skin
(low E) I have vaginal dryness or pain with intercourse
(low E) I have no interest in sex
(low E) I have trouble sleeping and wake at night
(low E) I struggle with depression, anxiety or lethargy, and/or memory
(high E) I experience heavy, painful periods
(high E) I have been told I have fibroids
(high E) I get migraines or other headaches
(high E) I feel irritable or experience mood swings
(high E) I have gained weight or have difficulty losing weight, especially around my hips, butt, and thighs
(high E) I sometimes cry over nothing
(high E) I have brain fog
(high E) I do not have a daily bowel movement

Fertility Hormones - Progesterone

(low P) I experience PMS seven to ten days before my period
(low P) I feel anxious often
(low P) I do not get my period, have anovulation, or tend to skip ovulation
(low P) My breasts are painful or swollen before my period
(low P) I spot for 3+ days before the start of my period
(low P) I have clots in my period, fibroids, and/or PCOS
(low P) My luteal phase (after ovulation until day #1 of my period) is less than 12 days long
(low P) I have painful, heavy or difficult periods
(low P) I feel agitated, irritable, or weepy before my period
(low P) I have had difficulty getting pregnant after 6+ months of trying
(low P) My BBTs are often under 98.6 degrees
(low P) I have had a miscarriage
I don’t know how to or have not yet started tracking my cycle with Fertility Awareness Method (using a free app on your phone to determine ovulation does not count.


Fertility Hormones - Testosterone

(low T) I have a low libido or diminished sex drive
(low T) I struggle with depression, mood swings, or cry easily
(high T) I've noticed thinning hair on my head
(low T) I've had weight gain
(high T) I have abnormal hair growth on my face, chest, and/or abdomen
ADD:  (low T) I have had poor egg development/retrieval in IVF
(low T) I'm unable to gain muscle, and am losing muscle mass
(high T) I'm often edgy or feel like I'm ready to explode
(high T) I have or think I might have PCOS
(high T) I have acne
(high T) I have oily skin and/or hair
(low T) I am tired or fatigued throughout the day or have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome