Confused and stressed on your TTC journey?

Although it may feel like it, you are not alone.  The standard approach to fertility of “try for a year and then come back for IVF” is not made to actually help you get pregnant. But don’t stress – find what is stressing your fertility instead in the Fertility Unlocked Tribe.  

Can you relate?

  • All of your labs are normal but you’re still not pregnant?

  • You tried what your best friend, and her cousin, and her other friend all did to get pregnant and nothing worked!

  • Your doctor told you just to keep trying for a year and then come back for medications or IVF?

  • Every pregnancy announcement, baby shower, and family holiday is getting harder and harder to attend or you’ve stopped going altogether.



If you are looking to get that positive pregnancy test after years of trying, restore a healthy ovulation, get your period back, improve sperm health, change your odds after experiencing the heartache of multiple miscarriages or failed IVF cycles, increase the total number of good quality eggs in your current IVF cycle, or you’re just starting your TTC journey – you’re in the right place.

The Tribe gives you an all-access pass to the Fertility Unlocked Program, an evidence-based road map for you to find what is standing in the way of your positive pregnancy test and the exact steps on how to overcome them.

How do I unlock my fertility?

Even if all of your labs have come back normal and you feel like you’ve tried it all, unless you have found what is stressing your hormones (AKA your unique root causes), then subfertility and/or infertility may continue to stress you out. Once you know your root causes you can shorten time to conception, have a healthier pregnancy, and set your little one up for better health too! 


These couples did it, so can you. 

Lindsey & Jay 

Atlanta, GA

“After coming off of birth control my body just wasn’t adjusting like it needed to. This program helped me to find the answers that I needed to balance my hormones and get pregnant!”

Chelsea & Dave

San Diego, CA

“We tried to conceive for two years on our own with no luck and absolutely no help from our doctors. As a healthy couple we refused to believe that IVF was out only option. A Functional Fertility approach was what we were missing all along – now we are pregnant and confident when we start to try for baby #2.”

How long does this take?


When you are able to make guided changes based on your unique root causes, you can change the very epigenetics, egg quality, sperm quality, and hormonal messages that have the ability to unlock your best fertility in as little as three months.

The Tribe provides the support you’ve been missing.

Join the Tribe to unlock your all-access pass to discounts on your Fertility Unlocked program and search our vast network of evidence-based material to find your desired fertility topics, tips, supplements, recipes, webinars, and more.

What is the tribe?

Community. Support. Guidance. Empowerment.

The Tribe is all of the above and more. This membership was created out of a need to provide superior fertility care to people just like you who want more for themselves and their future families. As part of your Tribe Membership you become a part of this powerful community and unlock all-access benefits each month including: free monthly deep-dives, monthly rewards toward program purchases, discounts, and site-wide searchability.

Tribe all-access features.

Heather & Baby Baxter

Philadelphia, PA

“After 5 miscarriages, 2 failed VFs, and a failed IUI I am naturally pregnant at the age of 45 and will be giving birth at age 46!”

Baby Josephine

New York, NY

“She wouldn’t be here without this program! I still can’t believe it when I look at her.”

How Stressed is Your Fertility?

The most powerful step you can take, no matter where you are in your TTC journey is to find what is stressing your fertility. The very first step in your program is to find how stressed your fertility is by  taking our free root cause quiz.

Your Fertility, Unlocked

It takes three months to change the quality of egg and sperm you will get pregnant with. Our Fertility Unlocked Program walks you through how to do this, month-by-month and gives you access to all SEVEN root causes that can be stressing your fertility. 

Tribe Membership

Access monthly rewards to put toward each month of your Fertility Unlocked Program, an all-access pass the deep-dives, whole-store search access, and become a part of our empowered community of couples all over the wold unlocking their fertility.

As a Registered Dietitian with over a decade of experience, I have helped hundreds of couples reduce their stress while TTC by finding what is stressing their hormones instead. When you dive deeper than the standard model of fertility with The Fertility Unlocked Program, you take a root cause approach to unlock your best fertility and get you closer to your baby. 

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