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I’ve been a health-nut my entire life and always took pride in being the super “healthy” friend, so when I found out I had PCOS (with help from my very own DUTCH results) and my fertility health was not in good shape at all I was shocked!

Having a family was my number one goal in life and I knew that PCOS is the leading contributor to infertility in women. How could I have this issue? I had zero period problems, had never been on birth control, and never struggled with my weight… I just didn’t get it!


It wasn’t until I combined my almost decade of experience from my career as a Functional Health Dietitian with my new personal mission to optimize my own future fertility, that I realized I wasn’t alone on my journey. There was an entire community of couples out there who were not getting the answers they were looking for about their fertility from their doctors.

That’s why I created my proven Three Pillar Approach to Optimized Fertility, where I help couples improve their health and optimize their fertility. Anyone can benefit from this approach – even if you’re like me and didn’t realize how silent root causes were impacting my future fertility potential!

So if you are looking to get that positive pregnancy test after years of trying, restore a healthy ovulation and/or period, improve sperm health, change your odds after experiencing the heartache of multiple miscarriages or failed IVF cycles, or increase the total number of good quality eggs in your current IVF cycle, Functional Fertility is for you. In fact, if you are just starting out on your fertility journey then you’ve arrived at the perfect time. The great thing about a Functional Fertility approach is there doesn’t have to be anything “wrong” or something that needs “fixed” to benefit from this approach. Let’s take a look at how my Three Pillar Approach is beneficial for anyone on a TTC journey, whether just starting or already years in…

The Non-Negotiables | Rebuild Your Foundation

I know you want to get pregnant ASAP. I’ve been in your shoes, wishing for that magic supplement or food to make it happen. The bad news is no such cure exists. The good news is you have a better option: uncover the root causes of your sub-or-infertility and establish a better future for your health and your baby’s for years to come. Rebuild Your Foundation by improving Non-Negotiables to fertility health such as: digestion, sleep & hormones, detox to retox, and stress mapping.

Depleted to Repleted | Fill Your Tank

With your fertiilty foundation established, it’s time Fill Up Your Tank with all things that have been missing to optimize your fertility potential and get into “welcome baby” mode including: balanced hormones, missing nutrients, and a robust gut microbiome.

Fertile Grounds | Permission to Thrive

Did you know that it takes a minimum of three months to improve the quality of egg that will eventually become your baby? In this final pillar, give yourself Permission to Thrive all thanks to your newly optimized fertility potential.

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