A functional approach to fertility

Looks At More Than What Is At The End Of Your Fork.

Functional Lab Testing and Interpretation

Functional lab tests are much different than traditional doctor’s labs. In addition, most practitioners want you to fall into the “standard” results recommended. I want your results to be “optimal” for your health goals, not just “standard.” Last time I checked, there is a big difference between the two. No more cookie cutter approach. You deserve better.


Virtual One-on-One Consults & Packages

Let’s get real, a lot of people know that eating a smoothie for breakfast is better than eating donuts, but forming the habit to do it is a different story. Once we have data from functional lab tests to guide the way, it’s important to work with someone who can help drive consistent change day-to-day. However, it’s up to you to make the change in the end. Are you up for it?

Professional Grade Supplements

Supplements aren’t just innocent little vitamins and minerals that can do no harm. Supplements are powerful immune, enzyme and metabolic modulators when used correctly. The problem is there aren’t regulations in place that ensure that the listed supplement facts and ingredients are actually what’s provided in the bottle. Are you willing to chance it?

I’m Olivia, Functional Fertility Dietitian, CEO and Founder of Let’s Get Real RD, LLC.

Over the course of my career in functional nutrition I have seen countless times the total transformations that can be made when people “get real” about their health. Now that I am doing things my way, I am all in on “getting real” about fertility.

Maybe because my story is like many of the women’s I work with, maybe because I believe women are under-served and misdiagnosed far too often in traditional medicine, and definitely because it’s time for a change.

You are probably already familiar with the typical medical approach: you decide what symptoms is bothering you the most this month and then you get an average of 15.7 minute with a practitioner who is specialized in that one area of the body. You go to the dermatologist if you have acne, the gynecologist for fertility and period problems, and the psychiatrist for anxiety or depression. You get medications and directions from each one but none of them communicate with each other. No one steps back to see how everything is connected.

How is that working out for you? Let’s get real, your body is an intricate machine of interconnected systems that need to be addressed as a whole picture, not fractured parts.

That’s Where I Come In.

I am a rare breed of dietitian who provides functional fertility consulting for women who want a more personalized approach to everything hormone balance and fertility… much more than 15.7 minutes can offer. A “functional” approach means more than looking at what’s on the end of your fork. It’s about using your unique biochemistry to implement targeted lifestyle and dietary changes to achieve a fertile system – whether its to prep for a baby now or for a year in the future.


PCOS or other Hormone Imbalances


PBCS (Post Birth Control Syndrome)


Family Planning For The Future

Who Do I Work With?

 My programs are specifically designed for women under the age of 40 who are looking to either begin or sustain a healthy family. 

Some women know they want to start a family at some point, but want to begin making changes today to have success when the time comes. It’s recommended to begin this 6-24 months ahead of time.

Many women I see haven’t really thought about their fertility because they have been busy building a career or traveling but then experience PBCS when they come off birth control or conception isn’t as easy as they thought. 

Other women have already started a family, but know things today about the world of nutrition that they didn’t know before, and want help navigating a different approach to pregnancy this time around.


If you are experiencing the following symptoms, or a combination of these symptoms, it’s time to address the underlying cause(s) in order to optimize not only your fertility, but your life: 

Period Fluctuations: heavy periods, no periods or sporadic periods

Mood Imbalances: PMS, anxiety, depression   

Hormone Imbalances: PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, PBCS, thyroid disorder   

Gut Issues: leaky gut, gas, bloating, constipation

Isn’t it time to actually understand how to optimize your wellness today so you can thrive tomorrow? In whatever your goal or timeline is, if you’re struggling with the above symptoms or want to create the most optimal environment to nourish a healthy baby, let’s talk!