What is bone broth?

Bone broth is an ancient food that has been a part of many traditional cultures and is highly valued for its nutritional and healing components. It is extremely simple to make and only requires boiling bones (beef, chicken, turkey, fish) in water along with a splash of an acid (such as vinegar) which pulls all of the amino acid magic out of them into your very own broth. This broth can also be made with other additions such as vegetables and herbs to enhance flavor and nutrition. 


Gut and Hormone Healer

In regard to caring for our hormones, addressing any underlying gut issues is included as a Non-Negotiable in our Fueling Fertility Tribe in order to get our hormones into balance. This is because the gut and its microbiome are responsible for the synthesis and regulation of our sex hormones and metabolic processes. Meaning that the health of your gut dictates the health of the rest of your body – without a healthy gut, you are unable to extract the nutrients you need from all the foods, herbs, and supplements that you are taking. As you can see, supporting your gut health is laying the foundation for ourselves to build a stable, healthy, and balanced body. 


One amazing way nature has provided for us to do this is through the nutritionally dense liquid of bone broth. It has definitely earned its nickname of “liquid gold” for good reason. Bone broth is chock full of a variety of important nutrients for our body that act as building blocks for an immense array of processes. Bone broth is a rich source of bio available essential and nonessential amino acids that help aid in the repair and synthesis of our bodies tissues. Bioavailability refers to the ability for your body to digest and absorb the nutrients it is taking in due. Bone broth is an easy-to-digest source of minerals and amino acids, making it a preferred source for your body to get all the building blocks it needs to rebuild and repair the gut. 


The specific nutrients within bone broth that are beneficial for gut health are collagen, glutamine, glycine, and gelatin. 

  • Collagen is well known for its antiinflammatory properties and aids in the repair of the lining of the intestinal wall. 
  • Glutamine is also beneficial for reducing inflammation in the gut and aiding in the repair of the intestinal wall (1). 
  • Glycine works to help synthesize stomach acid which is necessary for the breakdown and absorption of key nutrients (2). 
  • Finally, gelatin is essential for connective tissues and quite literally acts in a way to seal the gut. This is accomplished through its ability to rebuild and support the process of healing the intestinal lining. Gelatin also works to absorb water and maintain a layer of mucus on the intestinal barrier, keeping the gut microbes away (3). 

Grab My Favorite Recipe

My Favorite Recipe

There are SO many ways to make bone broth, and we have tried them all. This recipe is the easiest and tastiest way we have found. It is made in a crock pot, so you can just add all your ingredients and wait for the crock pot to work its hands off magic. Many recipes online utilize a large stock pot that has to be monitored on the stovetop for the 24-48 hours required for bone broth to cook — no thanks!


When sourcing ingredients for bone broth, it is important to find organic, grass-fed, pasture raised meats. This is because grass fed and pasture raised animals contain more nutrients than conventionally raised animals. They also do not contain high amounts of herbicides such as glyphosate which can bioaccumulate in the tissues of these animals. Glyphosate has been shown to damage the gut lining as well as kill off healthy gut microbes (1). This is why it is super important to source your bones sustainably. 


One place we have found sustainable, grass-fed, pasture raised bones is at US Wellness Meats. At US Wellness Meats the farmers adhere to organic farming practices as well as regenerative agriculture. This means the animals graze on the land and this helps produce a healthy omega 3 to omega 6 ratio within their tissues. This is ideal for us to consume because it actually helps in reducing inflammation rather than cause it such as conventionally farmed animals may do. 


Another way to source your bones is to go to local farmers markets or connect with local farmers and inquire about their farming practices. This cuts down on your agricultural footprint and allows you to connect with your food a little bit deeper. Also, sourcing locally means the bones are going to most likely be fresher and this enhances their nutrient potential. Supporting local farmers is a win-win in so many aspects!


My Favorite Store Bought Brands

When in a pinch and making homemade bone broth is not an option, there are so many amazing brands creating this gut healing remedy for you to conveniently purchase. One of these amazing brands is Kettle and Fire. Kettle and Fire bone broth is created using bones from animals that are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. The broth contains no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, or added colors. Their animals are always pasture raised and grass fed. 


At Kettle and Fire they practice regenerative agriculture which is an important system of farming that is used to help restore the health of the land, the animals, and those consuming the animals. Regenerative agriculture is a way for us to produce a healthier food system and a healthier planet. It is a system that restores biodiversity by preserving the land through natural processes such as grazing. This helps to increase below-ground plant matter, leading to the sequestration of carbon within the soil, rather than having that carbon be released into the atmosphere. 


To purchase from this amazing brand and support your health as well as the health of the planet head over to their website here: Kettle & Fire and use code LETSGETREAL for 10% off. 

*AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: when you use an affiliate link I make a small percentage

Your gut health is the foundation for the health of our bodies just as much as the soil is the foundation for the health of the planet as a whole. Regenerative agriculture helps support a healthy biodiversity of organisms and microorganisms within the soil just like restoring our gut health does the same for us. Whether you decide to make your own broth at home or buy it from an amazing company such as Kettle and Fire, know that in doing so you are taking a step towards restoring the health of your body and the health of the planet, which are undeniably interconnected. 


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