“If your health is your true wealth, wouldn’t you want to be filthy rich?”

 – Olivia Neely, RDN, IFNCP

Why are we here? No, I am not welcoming you to my new blog with the deepest and most existential question, possibly of all mankind. Instead, this post is to explain why we are both here (at this post) together. All you need to do is read this post that I wrote for you to find out! Simple enough, right?

Yes, it’s that simple. In fact, this is a theme you are going to see repeated all throughout my website, blogs, videos, recipes and lifestyle tips: simplicity.

My entire mission for you being here is so provide real world, simple and implementable tips to take you from feeling “fine” about your life and health to feeling “freaking kick-ass” about it. Because, I truly believe that anyone who truly wants to feel better and is willing to work for it can do so by making immediate upgrades to their view on their nutrition, lifestyle or love life.

 Yes, I said it… your love life.

 After working with one-on-one nutrition consulting in a functional medicine setting for over five years, I have seen it over and over again: if someone is trying to fix anything from gut or skin issues to anxiety or constipation, if there are outlying imbalances in your lifestyle or love life there is only so much changes in your nutrition can do for your healing.

 I am first and foremost a functional health dietitian and continue to help people everyday overcome dis-ease by using food as medicine. However, it has become undeniably clear to me that nutrition is so much more than what is on the end of your fork. So, in order to help people live the fullest life they possibly can, it’s time to dive a level deeper.

You are here because you are confused, overwhelmed or flat-out defeated by the endless stream of nutrition advice that you try to maneauver all on your own. You are here because you just flat out don’t know what to eat anymore. You are here because you are doing all of the “right” things and still aren’t reaching your health goals.

I am here because I have seen the total transformation that happens, inside and out, with those who pursue more out of life and work to accomplish it. I am here to provide individualized, real-world recommendations and guidance for you to optimize your health. I am here to cut through the noise of impersonalized, cookie-cutter health trends that just don’t work for everyone. I am here because your circumstance are unique and your health-care should be too.

If you are looking for a cleaner, simpler and just plain better way to wellness… I am glad you’re here with me. If you’re social, follow me on the social channels below to continue on this journey with me. Now, let’s get real.